International Fellowship


Empowering Natural Resource Professionals With Knowledge and Networks


The WFI Fellowship Program hosts natural resource professionals from around the world at the World Forest Institute’s campus in Portland, Oregon, for 6 to 12 months. Applicants propose a research topic to focus on during their Fellowship, and WFI uses its extensive network of public and private forestry and natural resource professionals to assist Fellows in gaining the knowledge and exposure they seek.


Oregon is an ideal learning ground for the program because of its rich natural resources, innovative history in forest management, an important timber sector, and academic centers of excellence in both forestry and urban forestry, as well as green building and sustainability.  Fellows leave the program with a solid understanding of how the US forestry sector operates and who the key players are. Additionally, Fellows gain invaluable cultural experience and English language skills.  Over 100 Fellows from more than 30 countries have participated in the program.


The Fellowship is a Blend of Research, Networking, and Cultural Exchange


There are three main components to the program:

1. Conducting a Project

60% of your time is spent on your own research project.


Fellows propose a research topic developed in conjunction with his/her sponsor or that is relevant to their work. We favor proposals that are policy, industry, or market-oriented and employs good use of being situated in the Pacific Northwest.


Look at the final presentations from some of our most recent Fellows:












Look at presentations from all of our alumni.


2. Networking with public and private forestry organizations in the US, especially in the Pacific Northwest

30% of your time will be spent on group and individual field trips and meetings.


Networking is largely accomplished by site visits to forestry agencies, research labs, universities, public and private timberlands, trade associations, mills, and corporations. The program manager will organize approximately one group field trip per week for all Fellows to participate in. These trips are a required part of the program and can be very diverse in scope. Fellows will need to be able to arrange their own individual meetings and site visits to fulfill their specific research project needs.



Some examples of places we have visited are listed below. These change every year depending on the Fellows in the program and is not a complete list.


  • Government organizations
    • US Forest Service
    • Bureau of Land Management
    • Oregon Department of Forestry
    • US Fish and Wildlife
    • Oregon State University
  • Non-profit organizations and local groups
    • The Nature Conservancy
    • Oregon Wild
  • Forestland Owners and Managers
    • Weyerhaeuser
    • Plum Creek
  • Manufacturing and processing facilities for lumber, pulp, paper, engineered wood products, and secondary wood products
    • GreenWood Resources
    • Georgia Pacific
  • Discussions with key persons involved in forest certification, forest products marketing, consulting, international trade, public planning, and legislation



During the summer months (May – September) there are several week-long excursions. In June, Fellows spend a week out in rural Eastern Oregon on a working ranch. In July, Fellows participate in the International Educators Institute-a seven-day tour with award winning educators and natural resources professionals. There is typically several other multi-day site visits throughout the region in the summer.


Read our blog  or our past newsletters to learn more about field trips and events that Fellows have participated in.


View a video of places our Fellows have visited during their programs.

3. Educational Outreach

10% of your time is spent on presentations, in-house events, and public outreach.



Outreach could include formal presentations to forestry professionals, general public or to schools, writing articles for newspapers, fielding public enquiries, or attendance and participation at conferences and events.


Fellows are expected to give presentations at Oregon State University, at WFI, and other venues as requested.


Learn how to apply to the program and about costs and sponsorship.

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